EMIs– Attracting Talent to Scale-ups

EMI share option schemes are a great way for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups to attract and retain top talent, while preserving precious cash reserves.

Incentivise and Align

Option agreements can be tailored to align the goals of employees and the business (e.g. time-based or milestone-based vesting, or exit only options).

Tax Efficient

Tax efficient for the company and employees (they could qualify for the Entrepreneur’s Relief tax rate of 10% when they sell their shares).


We can agree a far lower share price with HMRC than your last fundraising round. This is beneficial to the employee and company’s tax position

Flexible for Founders

Flexible for the company to claw back the options should things not work out with your employee (far harder if you give employees shares).

Ignition Financial and Ignition Law work together to deliver an EMI options scheme which works for your business and its employees:

Ignition Financial Ignition Law

1. Advise on eligibility and terms and restrictions to include

2. Negotiate HMRC valuation

3. All documentation (agreements and approvals)

4. Assistance with HMRC to register the scheme and the options granted